Licenses are offered as annual subscriptions, locked to a single machine.
The license can be used at different machines you work on. This can be done by online
          deactivation and re-activation of the license.

During the subscription period, the user has the right to use the most recent release of
          AniForm Suite (updates and new versions). New versions can be downloaded from the
          user’s account at

Commercial users may apply the license only within his/her own business, i.e. within the
          same legal entity, which therefore does not include subsidiaries and/or parent companies.

One running instance of AniForm Core requires one license. Two running instances
          of AniForm Core in parallel on the same machine require two licenses, etc..

Student licenses are bound to a single user.

Licensing table

AniForm Suite contains AniForm PrePost and AniForm Core.

AniForm Suite Pricing on request Pricing on request
AniForm PrePost Pricing on request Pricing on request

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General use, for engineering or research purposes, carried out by company or research institute employees. Non-commercial use. Only for public research and/or educational purposes, carried out by students and PhD candidates.

1 Your affiliation to a university or any other educational institute must be verified by AniForm. Register with your email address related to your affiliation or send your request for a license from your email address related to your affiliation. You may also supply us with other information which confirms your affiliation.

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