Predictive capabilities

The following unique characteristics of AniForm Suite software:

AniForm is especially developed for continuous fibre reinforced composites.
Standard FEM software is not appropriate for composite sheet forming.
AniForm is NOT a simple derivative of metal forming or crash codes.
Material behaviour and kinematics are tailored to large deformations.
AniForm Core is a stable and robust implicit solver.
AniForm deals with tooling contact, grippers, blank holders, and tensioners.

allow you to obtain the following realistic and accurate results:

Deformation of the entire product Obtaining a thorough understanding of the deformations prior to the process in practice. Deformations are hardly visible due to the solid tooling in practice.
Fibre paths/directions Analyses of the mechanical performance of a formed composite product often involve assumed fibre paths. Due to the extremely stiff properties in the fibre directions, the fibre paths greatly affect the ultimate structural performance. Accurate fibre path data are required for acceptable stiffness and strength calculations.
Layer thicknesses Layer thickness information is valuable for mould cavity design. The lack of cavity adjustments could lead to non-uniform pressures, which in turn lead to consolidation problems.
Development of wrinkles Wrinkle development generally leads to poor surface quality and poor mechanical properties. Wrinkles could also lead to damage of matched-metal tooling. Predicting their appearance and location is useful during product/process optimization.
Slip paths of the blanks along the tooling Slip paths indicate the areas involving significant tractions and rapid cooling.
Tractions Tractions indicate interfaces with much friction, which could lead to product defects in practice, such as tearing and breakage.
Resulting stresses and strains Regions with large stresses and strains are susceptible to defects in practice, such as tearing and breakage. Stresses can also be used for subsequent spring back/forward analyses.
And more.. More result items are available. On request, additional items can be implemented.
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