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Who is AniForm Engineering B.V.?

What is AniForm software exactly and what’s so special about it?

Modelling forming cases

What do you need to set up a forming simulation?

How is the tooling and the laminate geometrically represented in AniForm?

Can AniForm import CAD?

What kind of meshes and elements can be imported?

What element types does AniForm use?

How is contact modelled?

Can tailored blanks be modelled?

Can segmented tools be modelled?

Material modelling

What composite materials can be modelled?

How does AniForm model a laminate?

Can AniForm deal with time dependent effects?

Do I need to be aware of the intra-ply shear locking phenomena, which is

often addressed in scientific literature?

Material properties and characterisation

What kind of material properties do you need for forming simulations?

How to obtain material properties?

How to fit experimentally determined curves of the material response?

Is a standard catalogue for material data supplied?

Advanced usage

Is it possible to work with input files in order to perform highly advanced simulations?

Is it possible to visualise simulation results from a manually created simulation

without an AniForm project file (.afp)?

How to make adjustments to the blank shape?

Can blank holders, tensioners/springs, and grippers be modelled?

Can gravity be involved?

Are there guidelines to model a forming case and to interpret the simulation results?

Has AniForm the capability to predict temperature development in the blank?

Data exchange

Can forming results be exported? And can these also be coupled to other software?

Can AniForm predict the spring-back/forward (warpage) phenomena?


Do I need a license in order to work with AniForm software?

Is AniForm Suite stand-alone software? What solver does AniForm use?

Does a license come with support?

Can I run simulations simultaneously with AniForm Core?


What computer do you need to model and perform AniForm simulations?

What is the advised computer infra-structure for AniForm simulations?


What is the quickest way to develop AniForm skills?