Material characterisation

Simulations can be optimally exploited when realistic material behaviour is considered. Each material behaves differently, which therefore requires characterisation of:
In-plane mechanisms


AniForm and partners can perform the following experiments (also at elevated temperatures):
Bias extension experiments to measure shear behaviour.
Picture frame experiments to measure shear behaviour.
Tool-ply friction measurements.
Ply-ply friction measurements.
Bending experiments to characterise the bending behaviour.

Data processing

AniForm can prepare your data for use in forming simulations by using tailored fitting tools. The following tasks are performed to obtain an AniForm layup file (.afl), which can be imported in AniForm PrePost:
Deliver data in specified format.
Data preparation for fitting.
Fitting data to models available in AniForm Core.
Creating and testing the AniForm layup (.afl) file.

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